NFT Dollar (NFTD)

NFT Dollar (NFTD) is a stable currency pegged to the US Dollar (USD)

… to be deployed to the NFTable platform as a dedicated environment/eco-system currency, with the potential to become the main NFT currency used by content creators within ALL established NFT marketplaces.

The Stable Currency for NFTs

The Dollar Bond for NFTs

The NFTable platform is a NFT marketplace and content licensing service.

The NFT Dollar is essentially as commerce solution as part of the NFTable marketplace and to improve NFTable’s asset management system, where NFT Dollar (NFTD) was launched, to allow users to trade seamlessly across various NFT marketplaces.

The Earth Artist – NFT DAO

… is hosting the NFT Dollar (NFTD) explorer and governance, providing voting rights, connected to the amount staked in NFT Dollar (NFTD), developed specifically for NFTs and as stable currency supporting visual art creatives by bringing the ‘dollar economy’ into the NFT space, allowing buyers, investors, galleries and artists to purchase/sell NFTs using NFTD.

Where can I purchase NFT Dollar?
To purchase NFT Dollars (NFTD), users should click on the purchase button on the front page of the website, also you can purchase NFTD from NFTable, Rarible and Opensea and soon many other NFT marketplaces as we form partnerships to allow fiat to NFT Dollar purchases and to integrate with other established art buyers, galleries and NFT content service providers.
Where can I spend NFT Dollars?
To spend NFT Dollars, users should click on ‘buy’ buttons on NFTable, Rarible and Opensea, also via the front page of the NFT Dollar website, also you can spend these ERC (ETH) powered tokens via several exchanges allowing NFT Dollar spending and swaps with fiat and other established stablecoins.
What assets can I use as collateral?
NFT Dollars can be backed by provable art purchases, fragmented trade (art sold as shares/unit purchases, staked art and other content, all collaterlised via ERC 1155 smart contracts, with proven historical value attached.
Case Study: a Crypto Kitty or an NBA shot at DapperLabs, or a piece of art at Superrare or a trading card at Sorare (asset) valued at say 5k… this asset can be collateralised using NFT Dollars set at the value the item previously sold.
The NFT Dollar smart contract is built specifically to track NFT asset prices and to tether with various NFT plaforms, using the most current price analysis to decide what an item is valued at in NFT Dollars.
Otherwise users can simply purchase NFT Dollars with other crypto of the same value or via fiat (onboarding available) which always stays at 1:1 with USD.
Which Wallets are supported?
NFT Dollar supports Metamask and Connect Wallet which offers access to 30+ established and secure wallet providers. Users can access Metamask via their browsers and can connect wallets using QR code present on the NFT Dollar’s own website, NFT Dollar also launching has its own NFTD wallet, to be available in Android/Apple appstores by Q2 2021.
Which exchanges offer NFT Dollars
To trade NFT Dollars, users should access various exchanges, the NFT Dollar smart contract is present as a ERC1155 token on various exchanges, including:
WAX, WBTCDEX, IDEX, Fork Delta, Ether Delta, Coinmama and others.